Weber metal deburring and finishing
gives your parts an "edge" over the competition.


the Weber deburring and line grain machine

Exclusive: only from Brydenscot

Brydenscot is one of the few southern California independent metal fabricators offering the incomparable grinding, rounding, metal deburring, descaling, and metal finishing (surface line-graining) of a Weber grinding machine.



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programming the Weber touch screenPerfect grinding results at the push of a button

Weber deburring machines are equipped with a high-quality touch operating terminal based on the Siemens-S control system. Its graphical user interface makes operation simple and efficient, allowing all adjustments to be made and saved right on the terminal for those repeat jobs.


The Weber difference: planetary head and brushes…

To guarantee perfect edge rounding, WEBER uses brushes arranged on planetary heads to give an even, definable, and reproducible result on all sides, both inside and outside contours.



…and the grinding roller

The grinding roller gives a perfect surface finish and ideal deburring using the natural force of the rubber roller compressed over the part. Belts come in a variety of textures and courseness for any number of unique effects.

Good parts can now be great parts.

Brydenscot can now deliver your parts with silkly smooth finishes, edges, and line-grained surfaces. Another way you can differentiate your products from the competition.

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