Quality assurance to build your confidence.
Reverse engineering that could save your job.

Planar 2D part inspectionNow you can be confident that your parts are made to precision—quality assurance that will build confidence in you and your customers. Brydenscot is the only job shop in the Inland Empire to offer Planar 2D dimensional inspection and reverse engineering, a great advantage for new/first time/first article parts, parts requiring tight tolerances, and parts hard to measure with conventional measuring devices.

Part Inspection and Measurement

with Drawing Comparison

download a sample reportThe process starts by importing your part's CAD file and then extracting the relevant profile and tolerance data and dimensions from the layers. After the part is measured, reports are completed with the measured data, nominal data, tolerance information, and all PASS/FAIL items. Finally, we display or print a color deviation diagram comparing CAD information with measurement data. This SPC data can be output for further analysis. Download a sample report to get an idea of what yours will look like.

Reverse Engineering

One special feature of the Planar system is it’s unique ability to very rapidly reverse engineer flat parts. A profile can be placed onto the machine and reverse engineered in seconds. The machine will output dxf or dwg CAD files which can them be used on a cutting system to make duplicates of the part, or simply to document a part for which no drawing exists. Familiar CAD functionality allows the user to edit and clean the data to ensure standardization of hole sizes etc, and clean edges for example, before saving out the file. Physical parts or even paper, acetate or electronic image files can be reverse engineered to create CAD files.

Ask us about whether or not your part would benefit from our Planar inspections or reverse engineering.