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Most job shops just make parts. We make partnerships.

Brydenscot can churn out parts as well at the next guy. But we’d rather meet long before you just need parts. The years we have been doing this, and the variety of customers and projects we’ve encountered, lets us bring insight and a little wisdom to your job from the very concept. It could make a big difference in price, turnaround, and how well you serve your customer.  

Metal fabrication and assembly from napkin to skid.

drawing on a napkinWe want to help make your idea a reality. Whether you hand us a napkin, a finished CAD file, or purchase order, Brydenscot will meet you where you are and do whatever is necessary to complete your project when we said we would and for the price your expecting (no one likes surprises, unless they are pleasant ones). So, let’s start by sitting down and talking it through. We might have a couple of ideas ourselves.

We've matched people and machines to tackle about anything.

Laser Cutting

laser cutting


metal punching


metal forming


metal fabrication




Two exciting Brydenscot exclusives:
Weber deburring/finishing & Planar inspections

weber deburring and finishing


Precision programmable deburring, grinding, descaling and surface finishing.  Learn more...

planar dimensional inspections

Quality assurance with Planar dimensional inspections and reverse engineering. Learn more...    


Let's get the conversation started. It's easy.

1. Give us a call

The telephone may be the best way to get to know you. Talk to anyone on the team to get connected to the right person, and then let’s talk about your job.

2. Send us an email

We promise to get back to you quickly. Or use our online purchase order and attach your drawings to process a new or repeat order.

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3. Schedule a visit

There’s not much that can replace a regular face to face meeting. We can meet you on your turf, or come our office to meet the team and get a tour.

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4. Get a quote

Our online-RFQ will get things started. We'll walk you through what we need to know to get you an accurate quote for your project.

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