Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do you calculate a part's flat pattern?
Add up all the outside dimensions and subtract one bend deduction for every bend 90 degrees or more. Bends less than 90 will require less than a full deduction. See our chart.

2. What is the minimum flange height we can form on any given material?
The typical width of a V-die opening is 6 times the material thickness. Therefore the minimum ID of the flange would be 3-½ times the material thickness. There must be enough material to rest on the V-die in order that it won't slip off. Example: 16 gauge (.063") 3.5 x 0.63 = .220. There are exceptions to this rule. Please call us at 909.799.0088 for more help.

3. Should I design parts that require using the mill width of the sheet?
When shearing, punching, or laser cutting a part we require room for trimming, squaring, or set-back. Especially with laser cutting, we cannot cut to the edge of the sheet. Allow ½" all the way around to be safe. Example: 48" wide sheet, maximum part size 47". Exceptions are made.

4. What kind of files do I need in order to have something punched, laser-cut, or fabricated?
The best file formats to get your parts cut accurately and efficiently are: .dxf or .dwg for 2-D files, and .step or .iges for 3-D models.  Dimensioned drawings are also needed that include title block with material type/thickness and tolerances.

5. How can I pay for my product?

For new/first time customers, we offer terms of COD, payable by cash, check or bank transfer.  For clients looking to establish a repeat partnership with Brydenscot, we do offer terms of Net 30 on approved credit.  Unfortunately, at this time we are not accepting credit cards as a form of payment.

6. What types of materials do you laser cut?

At the moment we can cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and brass.  Our equipment does not allow for us to cut plastics, wood or paper products.

7. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

While we do not have a minimum order quantity, we have a minimum charge per order of $300.